> Beverley School Career Fair

Beverley School Career Fair

Following the success of the first career fair last year, Beverley School’s hall became a hive of activity once again with businesses and students interacting about careers in various industries. Students from years 7 to 14 attended the event which is aimed at raising aspirations, raising awareness of different sectors and the opportunities within them and meets Gatsby Benchmark 5.  Businesses attending included:

Creative Support

Creative Support is a charitable organisation that promotes the independence, inclusion and well-being of people with care and support needs. Students were asked what they think “care” means and what sort of care and support people may need. They were asked to identify a range of celebrities who each at some time in their life have needed care or support for specific needs – these included autism, anxiety, depression, anorexia, Asperger’s and cerebral palsy. The talk helped students understand that careers in care cover lots of different roles (not just old people’s care homes) and explained that a care worker provides support to a person in terms of in the home, to do leisure activities, to go to school and work. Creative Support explained that a good way to get into a career is through volunteering or work experience and offered to host some work experience placements for those who are interested in a career in the care industry

Mike from Creative Support said:

Really well set up and organised. Students seemed to engage well and I enjoyed supporting the event.

Middlesbrough Council

A video was shown about all the different roles and departments there are within Middlesbrough Council, including schools, registry offices, theatres, nurseries, transport, culture, environmental etc, and the Chief Executive explained how he entered the council as a finance assistant and is now at the head of the organisation, which demonstrated how a career can progress. Students were informed about the opportunities for training, apprenticeships, supported internships and work experience and the types of benefits employees receive.

Project Choice

Project Choice said how they understood how the move from college into a job can be a scary experience so their role is to support people by visiting the person regularly and working with the company and the employee to make sure it’s successful. They can provide job coaches so that the person has someone to go to if they are finding it difficult and they can provide placements in lots of different companies so they can try out different types of roles. People tend to spend one day in college completing maths and English and the other four days in employment.

The event was successful in raising awareness of different sectors and professions and resulted in building some strong ties with local businesses for the school.

It was good to hear about the career opportunities in the local area” (year 11 student)

“I think I could get a job after school” (year 7 student)

I learnt about different organisations and companies and what they offer students with disabilities/learning difficulties and was impressed with opportunities locally” (staff member)