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Our Plan

Our Plan

The Tees Valley Mayor and the Tees Valley Combined Authority are committed to transforming careers education for all. Inspiring our young people and adults to aspire and expect to access a great career is critical to help our residents achieve their dreams and lead fulfilling lives. Ensuring we improve careers education for all will result in more people making great choices regarding study options, skills development and accessing progressive jobs. In turn, improved skill levels, higher achievement rates and better employment decisions directly linked to available jobs will sustain, grow and attract ambitious businesses to Tees Valley. Supporting our schools, wider education establishments and partners to provide high-quality careers education will be key. Increasing and widening the number of employers directly engaging with our young people and adults to provide real life examples of work and information about what skills they are looking for is critical to achieving success.

Our plan is to:

  • Support every educational and skills establishment in Tees Valley to provide excellent careers education that is directly linked to current and future employers’ skills needs
  • Provide great labour market information to support people to make good choices
  • Introduce a youth pledge for careers
  • Engage more than 1,000 businesses in our schools
  • Support schools to create careers leadership roles as part of their leadership and governance teams
  • Support and challenge national programmes to benefit Tees Valley, including achieving the eight Gatsby Careers Benchmarks
  • Make it easier for businesses to engage with schools by providing a menu of support
  • Provide a suite of resources for organisations and individuals to access directly
  • Increase focus on achieving enterprise, creativity and personal development skills
  • Provide support for all residents and young people, including those with specific needs

The Combined Authority cannot achieve this alone and hopes that as many partners, stakeholders, businesses and schools as possible engage to assist us. To contact us directly to explore how you can help, please email join@www.teesvalleycareers.com


To find out more about what resources are available, careers guidance and information on any of our events get in touch with a member of the team

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