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Anything is Possible Week Case Study

Anything is Possible Week 2023 

A memorable week full of hands-on activities was had by all during the Pupil Referral Unit, Employability Week `Anything is Possible` pilot, the aim of the week was to work with the Year 10 students from each school to raise their aspirations and employability skills ready for moving into year 11 and beyond. We wanted to highlight to the students that they can have a bright future following school and that they have lots of opportunities open to them and most of all `Anything Is Possible`.   

All 5 pupil referral units from across Tees Valley took part in the programme bringing along their year 10 cohorts which totalled 53 students. The schools involved are.  

  • The Bishopton Centre 
  • Horizons Hartlepool 
  • River Tees M.A.T.  
  • Rise Carr College 
  • Archways Academy 

This is the first event of its kind in Tees Valley with the Pupil Referral Units working together collaboratively across the week.  

The students had 4 days of activities to take part in which all focused on building teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. The final day was a celebration of their achievements which was held at The Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough.  

Day 1 – Students choose to attend either the Learning Curve Hair & Beauty Academy or the Learning Curve Construction Academy to take part in various activities such as Plastering and Bricklaying or Nail Art and Hair design.  

Day 2 – Students were placed into 2 groups and Group 1 attended an outward-bound activity `Vagabonding` in Saltburn woods ran by STHRIVE. The students took part in hammock building, den making and beck hoping to mention just a few activities. Group 2 attended Learning Curves Military Preparation Centre in Norton which saw them working on various military themed team building activities.  

Day 3 – Students in Group 2 attended Saltburn and Group 1 attended the Military Preparation Centre 

Day 4 – students remained in school today. Lots of resources and activities were provided for the students to complete or they could have a day back on timetable if staff felt this would refocus the students. As part of the week the students had workbooks provided by TVCA to complete each day. This was a log for the schools to keep as part of their careers evidence and for the students to record what they had enjoyed and learnt during the week. We also provided a Next Steps online form for the students to complete. This was to enable us to evaluate the benefits of the week and what could be improved on.  

Day 5 – Celebration Event – We invited the schools to come along to The Riverside Stadum in Middlesbrough for their celebration event. We started off the day with a welcome from TVCA, followed by an inspirational speech from Stuart Myers from World at your feet Solutions. The students who usually struggle to concentrate or sit still for very long periods of time, sat for 45 minutes, and listened intently to Stuart which was followed by a Question-and-Answer session, the students then got to see Stuarts specially adapted car as this was something they showed great interest in.  

As part of the day, we arranged a tour of the stadium as a treat for the students who took part. We also had a mini careers fair which the students visited as part of the morning.  

The colleges and providers who supported are. 

  • Redcar College – The ETC Group  
  • Stockton Riverside College – The ETC Group 
  • Middlesbrough College 
  • Northern School of Art 
  • Hartlepool College 
  • NHS North Tees 
  • British Army 
  • Blood Run Bikes – Voluntary Sector 

Students spoke to the colleges and employers and went outside to speak to the Volunteers from the Blood Run Service who had brought along 2 of their motorbikes. The Volunteers said that the students had shown a real interest and asked sensible questions.  

The celebration event culminated in the awards ceremony.  

TVCA trophies were awarded by Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen to the winning students for amazing communication skills, excellent teamwork skills and most enthusiastic group to name a few. Each provider from the week had also nominated students for awards which were given out to successful students. James Hopper from STRHIVE attended and handed out his certificates for the students who had stood out during the `Vagabonding Activities`  

We provided support for transport for the week and all activities were provided free of charge to the schools.  

Schools provided packed lunches for the students throughout the week.