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Haughton Academy – Coffee & Cake Event

Year 11 students. along with their parents and carers, were invited along to the academy to receive information about key dates, revision tips and options for their next steps Post-16. It was also an opportunity for us outline the rest of the academic year to keep everyone informed about their remaining time at Haughton Academy.  

During the event, key revision tips and tricks were shared to allow parents and carers to focus on helping pupils when they are at home. We also had more than 20 local providers available to share further information with the pupils about their next steps and the opportunities available, including a range of Sixth Forms, Vocational providers and Apprenticeship providers.

Gatsby Benchmarks 

The evening was focussed to highlight a number of the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

Benchmark 3 – Addressing the needs of each pupil, ensuring the pupils had impartial information about the wide range of opportunities available to support them when choosing their next destination. 

Benchmark 5 – Encounters with employers and employees, the pupils and parents were given time to have meaningful conversations with the employers about future possible career pathways and the routes to employment. 

Benchmark 7 – Encounters with Further and Higher Education – pupils and parents met with a range of local colleges, training providers and universities to see what options were available to them, identify the correct courses for them and they could also complete application forms for their chosen course.


Overall, the evening was a great success, with lots of positive conversations between staff and parents/carers together with the distribution of key documents to support pupils. Attendance was at 41% with more than 65 pupils plus their families in attendance.