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Junior Doctor Experience for Acklam Grange Students

Ten year 11 students from Acklam Grange School in Middlesbrough were invited to join students at Conyers 6th Form in Yarm to take part in the Preparing to be a Doctor Programme. This was a full day of training delivered by MedSoc who aim to educate students interested in medicine.

The opportunity was given to those students who had expressed an interest in becoming a doctor or surgeon as part of their 1-1 CEIAG discussions with the school Careers Adviser to give them a real-life experience and to help them identify if this is the right career choice for them.

The training was very interactive and linked heavily to the biology curriculum. Students were able to learn about the human body and get involved in dissecting different organs and experience what it may be like to start training to be a doctor.

After the event 100% of students said that the experience had gave them an insight into the profession and helped them to consider if it was the right career choice for them.

100% of students said they enjoyed most about the day was the hands-on activities and that they got to dissect organs and learn about how organs work at the same time.

All students said they had learnt a lot and came away with a certificate that they can later use towards a CV and is recognised by medical universities.

The activity had an impact in terms of linking the curriculum to careers (BM4).  When asked what they learnt on the Preparing to be a Doctor Programme, the students said;

“The realistic nature of surgery knowledge about the body”

“How to cut/dissect an eye – what blood vessels look like”

“The effect of pathogens on the human anatomy”

The School Careers Staff said “This was a fabulous day and the year 11’s were amazing and were able to experience practical activities when dissecting organs. They really took well to the challenge and enjoyed the day. This was an amazing opportunity for these year 11’s and would highly recommend this training programme to all students who are interested in becoming a Doctor”.