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King Edwin Bloomin Marvellous

King Edwin School is located in Stockton and is classed as an “other independent special school” with a number of special pupils under a special educational needs (SEN) statement/education, health and care (EHC) plan.

King Edwin Garden Project

Welcome to our garden project, I work at King Edwin School in Norton. I take my tutor group to our offsite farm at Fieldhouse Farm every day. We work towards animal care qualifications alongside our academic studies. We love to work with the ponies, goats, Hereford cows and Alpacas each day.

I started our garden project this year and we have all worked extremely hard. We have totally transformed the space, which was just a field of mud before we created our safe space.

This year has been especially tough for our students, during the Covid pandemic and they have really enjoyed creating our garden. As you can see from the attached photos, we have managed to grow lots of varied produce. Which is brilliant for complete novices, I am very proud of all of their hard work.



We used the lasagne layering method to fill our raised beds, we gathered used hay from the farm, twigs, branches and then used a top layer of compost.

We planted mint, spring onions, thyme, garlic, rosemary and parsley. In circular pots we planted beetroot, beans and rhubarb.

We had a few incidents of the animals on the farm, breaking into the garden to eat our vegetables/herbs. So, we had to cover them with netting to protect them.

We used some old sheep feeders to plant some strawberries, and we have grown some ginormous courgettes, they are amazing to watch grow.

We have grown some beautiful tomatoes, we are hoping they will soon ripen and some pumpkins have also started to appear, (which we didn’t plant..)