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Our Lady and St Bede – Careers Fair

All students from Year Groups 7-10 had an opportunity to spend one hour attending our Careers Fair to find out more about local opportunities and their next steps. 

We posted to the Tees Valley Careers Shout Out portal to encourage local employers and providers to attend the fair and had a strong response from a wide range of industry areas. In total, a range of 16 different employers and Post 16 providers attended on the day, including: 

  • Stockton 6th Form College 
  • Middlesbrough College 
  • Askham Bryan College 
  • Northern School of Art 
  • Stockton Council Learning & Skills Dept 
  • Job Centre Plus 
  • Bl Hairdressing 
  • AECOM 
  • Hartlepool Beauty Academy 
  • Carmel Teacher training 
  • British Army 
  • Tees Music Alliance 
  • MPCT 
  • Tracerco 
  • Cleveland Police 
  • TVCA Careers 

Pupils had the opportunity to speak to all the external partners and were provided with a careers passport to complete throughout the event. This passport gathered meaningful information, such as: 

  • Which colleges they had spoken with 
  • What courses they offered 
  • What subjects were required 
  • Which employers they met
  • What the company does 
  • How can they apply and find out more 
  • What are apprenticeships 
  • What are the different levels available 
  • Evaluation of the event  
  • What would the student like to know more about 

Students handed their completed passports into the Careers Lead and a prize draw took place with winning students receiving a voucher. 

Gatsby Benchmarks 

Benchmark five for encounters with employers and employees, as well as benchmark seven for encounters with further education providers were highlighted during the event. 


Pupils benefited greatly from this event. Here is what some pupils had to say: 

  • I enjoyed learning about different colleges and what to do when I am older”  
  • “After the fair I am thinking about doing an Apprenticeship”  
  • “I enjoyed finding out what different colleges offer”  
  • “I liked hearing about all of the options because there was a very wide range of things to choose from and consider for the future”  
  • “I enjoyed the items that the people at the stall gave you and learning about different courses and apprenticeships”  

Here is what some employers had to say: 

  • “Thank you for inviting us to your Careers Fair. We really enjoyed the day and we were very impressed with how polite and friendly your pupils were, they were a real credit to your school!” 
  • “The students were asking really good, focussed questions. If AECOM’s presence helps just one of the students, then it’s been worth it!” 
  • “The best ran careers fair I have been to, and the questions asked by the students were fantastic [and challenging!]” 

While staff said: 

  • “It was great to see the pupils confidently engaging with a variety of different adults from the world of work” 
  • “There was a real buzz about the place with pupils enjoying finding out about different options available to them”