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Outwood Academy Bishopsgarth – Enterprise Adviser Engagement

By being part of the Tees Valley Careers Hub and through our partnership with Tees Valley Combined Authority, the academy has been matched with an Enterprise Adviser. This is a key contact from industry who helps and supports us with our careers delivery and with linking careers to the world of work.  

Our assigned Enterprise Adviser is Clare Davison from Balfour Beatty, she is currently working on local projects within the Tees Valley. This term, the Year 7 pupils attended an assembly to introduce Clare and the work that she does, as well as our Enterprise Co-ordinator from the Combined Authority, Suzanne Strathern. 

The assembly outlined the companies they work for and who they work with, as well as the vast range of projects that they may be involved with and how they can work in partnership with us to support our pupils. 

Clare will work with the students over the coming year on a project which will be introduced to the students in the spring term. 

Gatsby Benchmarks 

Benchmark 4 – Careers in the Curriculum. Clare will work with the staff to look at how they can link their schemes of work to Balfour Beatty to make learning relevant and to inform the students about the range of careers linked to that subject. 

Benchmark 5– Employer Engagement. Meeting employers from both TVCA and Balfour Beatty initially with the possibility of engaging others along the way. 

Benchmark 6– Experience of the Workplace.  Clare has offered us the opportunity of a site visit; this will be planned later in the year. 

Benchmark 8– Personal Guidance – To identify any students that show an interest in this career pathway and to work closely with them to ensure they have the correct information to progress. 


150 students were present and listened to explanations of work and industries. The students were very engaged in the assembly and asked the employers relevant questions about the projects and about careers in Balfour Beatty and the Tees Valley.