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Polam Hall School – Works Experience Week

Year 10 students at Polam Hall completed their works experience program just before the Easter break. The school 100% take up for work experience with 90% of students having sourced their own placements which is encouraged by the school.

The week went extremely smoothly with a wide variation of experiences taking place from a school environment to a dental surgery, to a vet practice, a sports centre and even out and about with a team of engineers, to name but a few.

One student was on placement at Middlesbrough FC and got to have lunch with Michael Carrick and the first team and in probably one of the best reports received by the school one student got to meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak whilst on placement!

Quotes from all stakeholders:


” I would like now to do a job in sport such as sport science or physiotherapy.”

” I enjoyed learning new skills and being able to work independently.”

“It was really interesting to see the differences between work and school life”

“I felt tired at the end of the week but it was a good tired!”


“He updated our website, a task that has been neglected for some time, and showed excellent digital skills”

“Students on school placement were better than many adult teaching assistants”

“He demonstrated an OUTSTANDING attitude to all aspects of his work”

“She listened to feedback and put the feedback into practice”

“He was as good an engineer as any apprentice we have had”


“She enjoyed her work experience and has learned skills that will be useful in the future”

“She gained confidence and was very well looked after during the placement”

“An amazing place for work experience”

“He was treated like a normal member of the workforce”

The activity linked to the following Gatsby Benchmarks:

Benchmark 2 – Learning about labour market information for the companies they worked for

Benchmark 5 – Engaging with a range of employers and employees

Benchmark 6  – Experience of a workplace