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Specsavers Careers Pathway Talk

The virtual Specsavers free hands-on Careers in Optometry workshops in school/colleges took place throughout the Autumn term 2020.  Specsavers usually deliver these sessions face to face, but the past year has prompted them to embrace digital engagement more fully and they realise they can now have a dual approach and offer virtual sessions going forward.

“Specsavers used the Tees Valley Shout Out Portal to advertise our Careers in Optometry workshop to and drive engagement with our resources.  This platform was perfect for us because it was easy to use, and it reaches one of our key target audiences: young people, their teachers, and parents in the North East of England”. Quote from  Lucy Knock BA MA PGCE, – Specsavers Early Careers Manager, Clinical Services

Specsavers had a great response and delivered workshops in some cases multiple times for different classes.  The benefit here was that it was much easier to put their offer on the TVCA Shout Out Portal, rather than getting in touch with each school individually.

Lucy, went to say, “It’s often difficult to get in touch with the correct person within school, but using this system, can help take that problem away”.

During the activity students learnt about a STEM career they might not have been aware of previously – a hidden gem with great rewards right here in the local community.   Specsavers also ensured that classes were sent hard copies for both student and parents, these booklets gave lots more information and insight into the optics industry.  Finally, Specsavers made sure that students knew where to come to ask further questions, to talk to Specsavers about store visits or potential work experience placements and to find out more career pathways

Feedback from The Kings Academy – Helen Gibson quote

“I asked for feedback on our Careers programme before the holiday and the Specsavers presentation was one of the favourites with Y10.  It was seen by Y10, 11 and 12 students. It was clear and informative and gave students real food for thought.”

Specsavers STEM Challenge