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Wates Construction workshop for girls

On 24 January 2019 Wates Construction hosted a group of girls from three Tees Valley schools at their soon to be opened construction site at the National Horizons Centre at Darlington. Titled “The Sky’s The Limit”, the workshop aimed to raise awareness of careers in construction and consisted of five female speakers who work in different roles in the construction industry.

The speakers talked about their career journey from school to present day (the good and bad) and passed on any advice they had for the girls in terms of pursuing a career in the construction industry.

The students also completed a task where they matched job responsibilities to construction job titles, so they talked about wider roles and what they involve.

Thank you Wates Construction!  The event hit benchmarks 5, 6 and 8 and the students really enjoyed the event …..

“The event has made me think about a career in Construction” (Student)

“I didn’t know those jobs even existed” (Student)

“The Wates event was very inspirational. The presenters were very professional, they made their presentations very real to life and enjoyable to watch/listen.  All the ladies followed a different pathway to employment which was great for the girls to hear. This helped them see how they can reach their goals through different ways.”  (Teacher)