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Year 6 Students Take a Look Inside a Dynamic Sports and Leisure Workplace during Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Enterprise Week (8-12th November 2021) celebrates and empowers millions of entrepreneurs in every country and community around the world. Globally, more than 10 million people take part in thousands of activities, competitions and events that inspire them to act and give them the knowledge, experience, and connections they need to succeed.

To mark the start of GEW, as part of MFC Foundation Careers and Enterprise Programme, which is funded by the Tees Valley Combined Authority as part of the Primary Careers Pilot facilitated an aspirational trip for 35 Year 6 students from Thorntree Academy, Middlesbrough to Everyone Active, Middlesbrough Sports Village.

Students were invited to look behind the curtain of their workplace. The day began with an introductory talk from Gary Hamilton (Community Engagement Manager), Pauline Cofinas (Community Wellbeing Manager) and Lee Dobson (General Manager), who gave an overview of Everyone Active, speaking about their own job roles, individual career pathways and also asking students about their own career aspirations. Gary highlighted the fact that within the building there are a wide variety of roles, not all of which are directly related to sport.

Students were then given a tour of the Sports Village facility, with several members of staff within the building taking time out of their day to speak with the students about their roles in more detail. This included:

  • Receptionists/Customer Service staff
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Sports Coaches
  • Restaurant/Café staff
  • Grounds staff

The students were offered this opportunity due to their fantastic efforts and commitment over the course of the 10-week Careers and Enterprise programme. This brilliant attitude and engagement were present throughout the trip too, with students certainly keeping Everyone Active staff on their toes by asking some great questions such as ‘What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?’, ‘What is the most important skill you need to have for your job?’ and many more. These interactions with various staff members undoubtedly left students feeling inspired at the range of careers that were available within just one workplace.

The tour concluded with the students taking part in a 100m race on the athletics track outside and to reward students for their fantastic efforts throughout the day, Everyone Active kindly arranged for some professional coaches to deliver some coaching sessions, introducing the students to Judo and Tri-Golf, which proved extremely popular amongst all.

MFC Foundation’s Careers and Enterprise programme provides students with a core programme of learning, focusing on careers and enterprise topics. The programme also connects students with enriching real-life learning experiences such as workplace visits and meaningful encounters with local businesses. Aiming to enhance the life, career and employment chances of every child in the Tees Valley.

For further information about the MFC Foundation Careers and Enterprise programme, please contact daniel.wiseman@mfcfoundation.co.uk or visit https://www.teesvalleycareers.com/education/primary/careers-activity-providers/enterprise/