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Young Persons Environmental Conference (Prior Pursglove & Stockton Sixth Form Colleges)

When approaching a local employer for some support for a student, she mentioned the ‘Young Persons Environmental Conference’ that she was hoping to run and invited our student to speak.

While arranging the conference, the college were asked if they had any other like-minded students who would be interested in taking part so in all 3 students over the 2 sites, (Prior Pursglove & Stockton Sixth Form Colleges), took part in this amazing opportunity.

This conference gave students the chance to embed their learning by doing research on a designated topic.  They looked at facts and figures as well as the impacts of environmental issues this increased their understanding of the topic covered.

The students debated with young people from other educational establishments, including university students, as well as with representatives from different groups linked to the conference, allowing further networking opportunities.

They discussed alternatives to processes and consideration to different sectors affected by these changes, which in turn, increased their awareness of growths and trends and the impact of any changes on the workforce

The sessions were held in front of a live audience (virtual) and were open to a Q&A at the end of the debate, this meant they had to think on their feet and be mindful that whatever they said could potentially be heard by a vast amount of people.

This was an amazing opportunity for the students and the colleges are extremely grateful to Paula McMahon of Sir Robert McAlpine for the chance to take part.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students and happened completely by chance

It has given all 3 of the students something tangible and unique to put on their CVs/Personal statements and at least one of the students was invited to talk at another youth conference directly linking from this one.  On top of this it has helped to build their confidence and resilience in a most unusual time.

It has given the colleges the opportunity to showcase themselves to a wider audience and I believe impacted positively on the local community.

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