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Imagine If presents… Teaching for Creativity


Imagine If… presents Teaching for Creativity: Connect, Collaborate, Cultivate

The North East Creativity Collaborative Network (NECCN) is a professional learning community of twelve schools across the North East working in partnership with Creativity, Culture and Education to explore, test and embed a range of innovative practices in teaching for creativity.

NECCN have joined forces with Imagine if… and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums to coordinate this hackathon* style event.

*Hackathon: An event where people come together to explore and solve problems.

By connecting together a diverse range of educators, practitioners, stakeholders and organisations from the region, we aim to generate ideas and develop solutions to two current educational challenges:

Data handling notice:

On our booking page, we collect certain information from delegates for event communication, impact tracking and to be able to tailor our sessions/wider programme to the needs of our audience. We won’t pass on any contact details to third parties or use your email address or phone number for anything else other than information specific to the event you’ve signed up for, unless you also register for any of our other programmes, or join our mailing list. Finally, we are funded by Arts Council England, so we use the information about the name of your organisation and its address to track who we have been working with, so that we are able to report back on use of funds effectively, and also adapt our future planning to ensure we are reaching as wide an audience as possible.

By booking, you agree to providing us with your information for the above purposes.

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Specialist Spotlight: Developing Maths Skills

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Student Career Days – Friarage Hospital, Northallerton

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