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Middlesbrough College Motor Vehicle Open Day


Come along to our Motor Vehicle apprenticeship event this June to meet our specialist team, chat with local employers and find out what you can do to stand out from the crowd and secure your dream apprenticeship in the motor vehicle industry.

Taking place on Wednesday 28th June 6-8pm! This is the perfect opportunity to speak with a range of local employers, gain a real insight into the world of work and seek advice from our apprenticeships team. We will also have a range of motor vehicle vacancies available which you can apply for on the day!

So, if you’re looking to kick start your career in the motor vehicle sector, get back into work or simply find out about the options available to you, join us at Middlesbrough College on Wednesday 28th June, 6-8pm and see how we can help you secure your dream motor vehicle apprenticeship.

Pre-register your place! If you are unable to book tickets, come along and register at the door

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