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Royal Navy Virtual Event


Unlock and shape your Engineering career with the Royal Navy. From GCSE’s, Apprenticeships and NVQ’s, to Undergraduate Degrees, Masters Degrees, and fast-track Charterships. Enjoy life as a student, while having the security of a guaranteed Engineering job if you pass your exams. Find out about how you can excel your education.

Do you want to know how you can earn while you learn? Join us on Tuesday 18th October at 18:30 for our brand-new virtual event, Royal Navy: Unlocking Your Future, where you can discover the fantastic Engineering education opportunities we have available! If you’re thinking about the next steps in your career or not quite sure what route to take, then you won’t want to miss this! Tickets are FREE – book yours now.

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Redcar & Cleveland College Higher Education Online Event

Higher education (19+) online event – 5-7pm

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How to find and apply for apprenticeships

A step-by-step guide to the different vacancy platforms for apprenticeships, including Find an Apprenticeship, and tips for supporting your...

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