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Name: Erin Harper 

Name of Business: Rejoy Beauty and Wellness 

What does your business do? rejoy is a beautiful, advanced beauty and skin clinic based in the heart of Cockerton Village, Darlington. We provide a range of professional beauty and skincare services. 

Please provide a short summary of where you went to school and what jobs you did before setting up your business 

 – Hurworth School 

– Retail, Spa, Solicitors  

What inspired you to set up your own business? 

 – Freedom 

 – Creating a team 

 – Broadening wellness and beauty for women 

 – Reducing stress that is now the norm 

 What do you enjoy most about running your own business and what don’t you enjoy? 

 – Experiences, growth, managing a team, flexibility, challenges 

 – Don’t enjoy: admin, burn out and always needing to be available 

What are the top 3 skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur? 

– Passionate 

 – Kind 

 – Lead with integrity 

 What advice would you give young people who are thinking of setting up their own business? 

Learn about yourself first, so you can be your USP and always grow out of your comfort zone. Get used to being a beginner and failing, don’t put complements on a pedestal or criticism will destroy your confidence