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Cultural Industries Film, TV, Video, Radio, PhotographyExample jobs: Runner, Producer, Costume Designer, Audio Engineer, Screenwriter, Rigger, Props Manager

Music, Performing (Theatre/Drama, Dance) and Visual ArtsExample Jobs: Choreographer, Set Designer, Lighting Technician, Stage Manager, Producer, Artist, Engagement Manager, Usher, Production Manager, Theatre Director, Outdoor Festival Producer.

Creative Industries

Advertising and MarketingExample Jobs: Social Media Manager, Content Designer, Account Manager, Copywriter, Creative Director

Discover! Creative Careers

We’re delighted here at Speakers for Schools to be able to send you the details about our amazing project with Screenskills to DISCOVER! Creative Careers

Spark Tees Valley | Website  – Animex Academy 2023 Challenge – Welcome everyone to this year’s challenge. Animex is the International Games and Animation Festival organised by Teesside University every year. This page contains all of the info you need to have a really successful day. Remember, there is no ‘right’ way to do it, you develop your thoughts however you think best to fit the challenge. Animex (tees.ac.uk) – stop motion workshop videos.

The MIMA Great Create | School of Arts & Creative Industries | Teesside University – https://tees.ac.uk/thegreatcreate/?fbclid=IwAR3iUb7Tl408lQCxloNsIl67alOniawAldJsOr-ACDQ5pLvWW1nyXgERZ1A_aem_AXCCQR4_Vy_5PVLlyhHI_F6vYYWsADZZm55-hmcGRvZ7NloYRzRfqm74oUhFqY5rDXo