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Name: Harry Tribe

Name of Business: Tribe Vision


Can you please tell us about your education/careers pathway? What changes did you make along the way and why?

I started my education at Whale Hill Primary School before progressing over to Eston Park Academy where I studied Graphic Design, Resistant Materials, History, PE & Sport Science and Business Studies at GCSE, along with Maths, English and Triple Science.

Leaving school, I was extremely unsure of what to study in college, throughout my last year at Eston Park I would change my idea on my future career that many times I left myself completely lost and very anxious, especially seeing all my friends have clear ideas and college studies in mind. I asked them all what they were studying, and most of them replied with some form of engineering. So being an anxious, unsure kid I decided to just do the same as them and study Electrical Engineering.

I then followed this through for 4 years before admitting to myself that I hated it. I completed my level 3 BTEC and my HNC, before barely applying for any jobs because I knew I didn’t want this to be my future.

All the while I was working part time in retail, and the opportunity arose for me to begin work in an office for an outsourcing company, completing back office work for various banks. Although I was happy with the full time income, this job really showed me exactly what I was extremely afraid of. Everybody there was miserable and the environment was very depressing. After about half a year of this I decided enough was enough and I went home and properly brainstormed future career ideas and where I wanted to see myself. That week I decided to apply to study Fashion Design at University and I have not looked back since.

What challenges have you faced along the way and why?

I think the biggest challenge for me was feeling like I was behind in life. Going from spending 4 years in education for a subject I hated and working in a office job I really felt like I was starting from scratch, all the while seeing my friends land great jobs, buy expensive cars and seeing what felt like everyone online doing better than me. This was really difficult for me to get around and it still happens sometimes, but I had to just remind myself constantly that I made important changes for the better of my own future and that it’ll pay off eventually.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement is definitely showcasing my graduate collection in Milan. Getting flown out there all expenses paid felt unbelievable and watching my garments go down the runway in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of people was indescribable. It was a very stressful trip and extremely tiring, but the pay off was massive. Everything about the show was amazing.

What made you want to set up your own business? Can you tell me about your business and what you offer?

Ever since I became interested in Fashion a few years before my studies began, the idea of my own label was always a huge goal for me. in 2019 I decided to open my first online shop selling really bad quality t-shirts and hoodies. At the time I had no idea about anything, but I still went with it anyway. And although looking back I hate what I put out on offer with my name attached to it, it was really significant as it showed me exactly what I don’t want to put out now. My clothing releases are going to be very infrequent, high quality cut & sew pieces with a very high level of detail and uniqueness.

However, a brand under my name is not the only thing under my business umbrella. My main focus at the moment is being in the middle of transforming my freelance journey into business under the name Tribe Vision Creative Studio. The idea behind this business is offering services to other brands and businesses who need design help. My main services on offer is pre production help using 3D software. This software can save brands time, money and resources by cutting down on the pre production sampling process, by sampling in 3D first before creating a physical sample. I also offer post production visuals that can rival the use of photoshoots or product shots for websites, this is especially appealing to startup brands who don’t have a lot of extra income to be spending on photoshoots. All while still offering fashion design services, creating and designing garments and collections for brands who need the extra help.

Do you have a website for your company?

Do you have any social media channels?

Instagram is @tribevisionary

Tiktok is @tribevisionary

What advice would you offer to young people leaving school now?

Just do what makes you happy. Don’t do something just because your friends are or just because your parents want you to. This is your own life and your own future and you need to create it from your own dreams and ambitions, not from what other people want of you or from what you feel like you’re supposed to do given your circumstances. And if a few years down the line you feel like you’ve made the wrong choice, so be it. Any time in education is not wasted time, and even of you think you wont, you’ll use what you’ve learned at some point in your life. There is no linear journey you should be on and everyone gets to where they need to be at different times. Everyone’s definition of success is different.

You have just been successful in being awarded some funding to help support your business, can you please tell us about this?

So the funding is from The FUEL programme which is run through Launchpad at Teesside Uni. Launchpad is a startup business incubator situated within the university, and FUEL is a 7 week programme where you learn the ins and outs of running a business, and at the end you get the opportunity to pitch to an investor and if he thinks your business is worthy he puts forward a grant which can be spent to help get your business up and running.

The course happens once a year usually between July-September time and the only requirement is that you are either a student or member of staff at Teesside Uni. Applications usually open around June time, and to apply you have to send a really quick 2 minute business pitch to the people who run launchpad.

Throughout your time at the 7 week course, you learn to develop and perfect your pitching skills in hopes to be put forward to pitch in front of the investor for 5 minutes, after submitting a 15 minute video version.