From Government jobs to powering the clean energy revolution, there are more career opportunities than ever before right here in the Tees Valley.

You might have heard of some of these high-profile opportunities coming to the region on the news over recent months. But if you’re wondering what they mean in practice for you and your future, then this round-up is here to help.

It’s time to dream BIG!


1. Government jobs are coming to the Tees Valley

Earlier this year, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced Government plans to relocate a significant part of the Treasury out of London to the Tees Valley. The Treasury’s new Northern Economic Campus will open its doors in Darlington town centre, meaning that our region has a seat at the top table of Government.

More than 1,375 staff will be moving to the area from the Treasury, along with other economic based departments, including the Department for International Trade (DIT) and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The Treasury is responsible for public finance and economic policy. DIT is responsible for striking and extending trade agreements between the UK and foreign countries, as well as for encouraging foreign investment and export trade. While BEIS is responsible for areas including business growth, industrial policy, renewable energy, science, research and development.

These roles will be created over the next four years as and when existing roles become available, meaning that local people, like you, can take advantage of these exciting roles without having to make the move to London!

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2. Help transform the Teesworks Site

The Tees Valley is home to the UK’s largest and most connected industrial zone – Teesworks. Best known for being the location of the former steelworks, Teesworks is one of the most exciting opportunities in the UK for careers in the clean energy and innovation sectors.

The Teesworks site covers 4,500 acres and is at the heart of the Tees Valley’s industrial landscape. It will see Europe’s largest brownfield site transformed into the UK’s centre for sustainable, low-carbon energy sectors.

Opportunities are available on the site right now, as the massive task of decommissioning the site is underway to pave the way for the next generation of jobs in the clean energy sector.

The Teesworks Skills Academy has been set up to make sure that local people get the skills they need to secure jobs on the site.

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3. Open doors for global trade and investment through Teesside’s Freeport

In March this year the Tees Valley was announced as one of the very first places in the UK to get Freeport status, creating a national hub for global trade and investment.

Freeports are customs zones located at ports where business can be carried out inside a country’s land border, but where different customs rules apply. This means that while Freeports are located geographically within a country, they essentially exist outside its borders for tax purposes, enhancing trade and investment in the area.

Covering 4,500 acres, the Teesside Freeport is the largest in the country – that’s equivalent to 2,550 football pitches!

It will create more than 18,000 jobs and provide a £3.2billion boost to the local economy over the next five years.


4. Help power the world’s clean energy future

Tees Valley is a global leader in clean energy,with ambitious clean energy projects and net zero plans.

SeAH Wind Ltd has started construction of its £400million offshore wind monopile manufacturing facility at Teesworks. When complete, the mammoth 1.13million sq ft facility will be the biggest of its kind in the world and is expected to produce between 100 and 150 wind turbine bases each year.

As the UK’s carbon capture capital we’re pushing the Government’s carbon-neutral agenda. Net Zero Teesside aims to deliver the UK’s first zero-carbon industrial cluster, capturing the same amount of energy annually as more than three million homes.

Teesside is also home to a number of pioneering clean energy projects. bp is developing the UK’s largest blue hydrogen production facility, H2Teesside, alongside another green hydrogen facility, HyGreen Teesside.

The Government has also unveiled a masterplan to house the UK’s first ever multi-modal hydrogen transport hub for the UK on Teesside, while the Circular Fuels project will see a £150million plant turn waste into energy on the Teesworks site.


5. Be part of pioneering biotech teams – like FUJILFILM

Tees Valley is becoming one of the top places in the world for healthcare and life sciences, with over 600 businesses employing more than 5,000 people.

FUJILFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies is one innovative company, which most recently hit headlines when it began manufacturing the Novavax coronavirus vaccine at its Billingham base.

Now, a £600million investment into the region’s factory, which currently employs around 850 people, will help it increase its gene therapy production and capacity, meaning even more jobs and opportunities for local people.

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There are lots of exciting opportunities over the next few years in Tees Valley. Tees Valley Careers has information and resources to help you explore the different career pathways within these sectors. Click here to find out more.