When you apply for college/training or employment, you will need to complete an application form.

You will usually be asked for the following details so please make sure you have them prepared in advance:

Personal Details

Full Name

Date of Birth

Full Address

Phone Number

Email Address (use a professional email)


Education History

Organisation Attended

Qualifications (Dates/Results)

Training attended

Work History

Work Experience

Part-Time Jobs



Two normally required: (Cannot be a family member or friend)




Top Tips for completing an application form for employment:


Look at the job description and person specification carefully and highlight any transferable skills and qualifications that are relevant to you.

Essential – You must have these requirements.

Desirable – It is beneficial if you have these. If you do not, training may be given.


Read the application form carefully before you start to complete it so you know what information you will need as then you can plan each section before you fill it in. Make sure you use the correct punctuation and do not use emojis or text speak.

Online – Make sure you complete every section and that the application has been submitted. You should receive an email to say that it has been received.

Written – Please read the instructions and check if it requires specific things such as being filled in with black ink or in capital letters.


Be honest and be positive. Do not lie on an application form, you will always have to provide evidence of your qualifications, training etc, and references will be taken if you are successful.


Read through your application carefully before you submit it to make sure you have included everything you need. Once you are happy with the application, you can send it. Make sure the body you are applying to will receive it before the deadline.


Please open your post, check your emails and texts in case you are invited for interview. If so, contact the company to accept and ask if there is anything you need to prepare prior to the interview.